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Bike Service

Tread Bikes is a full service bicycle repair shop utilizing the finest replacement parts on the market. We are located on Winchester just south of Campbell Ave. The atmosphere of the shop is one of personal service rather than mass merchandising. You might hear us say that we do not have a standard tune-up rate or package. The reason for this, is we take each bicycle case-by-case and do the repairs that are needed because not every bike needs a blanket tune-up. If your bicycle needs service please bring it in for a free on the spot evaluation. We will let you know what we think the bike needs to run safely, smoothly, and optimally. Our staff has many years of experience and is always there to help.

Examples of common repair rates

Install Tube/Tire


Wheel True


Derailleur Adjustment


Brake Adjustment


Headset/Bottom Bracket Adjustment


Shock Air Sleeve Overhaul


Air Shock Overhaul


Fork Overhaul


Headset Install, Frame Only


Bottom Bracket Install




Pro-Build (Single-Speed)


Pro-Build (Full-Suspension)


Pro-Build (Road Bike)