Killswitch automatically opens your rear shock when you drop your post, locks it for climbing

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Killswitch automatic shock lockout activated by dropper seatpost

If remembering to drop your post is more than enough mental acrobatics while riding, fiddling with your rear shock is probably asking too much. So Killswitch takes all of that remembering out of the equation by syncing your dropper post with your rear shock. Drop the saddle and it opens the shock all the way up, making it ready for descending. Raise it back up and it puts the shock in its firmest setting…

Killswitch automatic shock lockout activated by dropper seatpost

Killswitch works by putting a physical plunger switch on the shaft of the dropper post. As your saddle comes down, it depresses it and pushes the cable through its housing to actuate the shock’s compression damping control.

Killswitch opens up the rear shock when the dropper seatpost is lowered
Drop the post for descending and the shock opens up.

Their initial design is only for Rockshox Monarch rear shocks, but other sizes are in the works. They’ve gone to Kickstarter to raise the funds to fully develop the product’s range to fit more brands and models, and you can nab one for as little as $95 on early bird. They’ve raised more than half their $15,000 ask as of this post, and other packages are up for grabs, too.

Killswitch locks out the shock when the dropper seatpost is extended
Raise it up and the shock is locked out.

If your shock has three modes, you’ll be giving up the middle setting for now, but there’s also a manual disconnect built into the system. It’s made of three parts – a compression knob bracket, shock body bracket and seatpost bracket, plus the necessary cable to connect them all. Their timing is interesting with BMC having just launched a similar concept on their Speedfox trail bike.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign page for more details.